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Marilyn Slatnick
Commissioner, ANC 3F01


October 2023




 I have lived at 4700 Connecticut Ave NW for over 20 years. In that time ,there have been many changes that make me proud and happy to live in the

Van Ness – Wakefield area. Now that I am retired, it is time for me to give back to the community.


There are current issues that will be need to be addressed within the very near future and I want to make a difference in that future.


These issues include:

1. The use of vacant retail properties within our Van Ness Main Street.
2. UDC Bldg 41 proposed decommissioning and demolition to build a DC Archives facility
3. The possible plans for the vacant Intelsat site.
4. Proposed plan to add bike lanes to Connecticut Ave NW
5. Working on behalf of our newest voucher neighbors.

Prior to my retirement, I was a senior real estate specialist with a Fortune 500 company. I believe this as well as my additional life experiences as a medical social worker and high school social studies teacher, will enable me to represent my constituents in the best way possible.


Over the years, my volunteer activities have included The League of Women Voters Lobby Corps which gave me experience working with Federal and State agencies. After retiring, I was a volunteer at a religious social action nonprofit. Now, I volunteer once a week with the UDC Garden Club. I am actively committed to opposing the proposed revision of UDC Campus 2020 plan for decommissioning and demolition of UDC Building 41 by testifying to the DC Zoning Committee.


I pledge to represent my constituents by being available and doing outreach to include them in the process of making our Van Ness Main Street area a reflection of the best choices we can make.

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