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ANC 3F creates Standing Committees to address long-term issues of concern and Ad Hoc committees to address short-term issues as needed.  Committee members are appointed by the Commission and may include any resident of ANC 3F. If you are interested serving on a committee please send an email to

Grants Committee

To review applications for grants from ANC 3F.


Commissioner Monika Nemeth (Chair)
Commissioner David Cristeal

Reports / Documents

Parks & Watersheds Committee

To address issues concerning Soapstone Valley and Melvin Hazen Trail


Alex Sanders (Chair)
Kate Dell
Mary Beth Ray
Commissioner David Cristeal
Marjorie Share
David Bardin
Bill Sitting

Reports / Documents

2016 Annual Report

Streets & Sidewalks Committee

To assess and address the state of streets and sidewalks throughout ANC 3F.


Robert Deyling (Chair)
Barbara Cline
Carolinn Kuebler
Joan Merle Schaefe
Allison Wielobob
Commissioner David Cristeal (3F01)
Sandra Hoexter
Andrea Molod
Julia Stevenson
Randy Clarke
George Hofmann
John Rollins
Kathy Sykes

Housing & Neighborhoods Committee

To addresses issues of affordable housing, rent control and the housing of new residents, all of which impact our community and will continue to impact it in the years to come. The objectives of the committee are to study, and report to the commission on, the developing issues related to housing in ANC3F, to act as a conduit of housing reports from the community to the ANC, and to give voice to the concerns of our residents. In the past year, the Mayor’s initiative on increasing affordable housing units throughout the city and particularly in Ward 3, along with the imminent renewal, or not, of Rent Control have combined to  make the discussion, and action, on housing particularly cogent.


George Hofmann (Chair)
Marilyn Lantz
Commissioner David Cristeal
Steven James
Carren Kaston

Schools And Universities Committee

is a group of community members passionate about community engagement, schools, and education and is meant to work with local schools and neighbors to identify issues facing students and educational institutions within ANC3F. We hope that we can advocate for the community with other District government actors. This can be done through community engagement and being a liaison to elected officials in Ward 3.


James Tandaric (Chair)
Commissioner David Cristeal 
Commissioner Alexandria Appah
Tvonne Donovan
Commissioner Matt Buechner 
Mark Moran

Contact Us

4401-A Connecticut Avenue NW, Box 244 Washington, DC 20008-2322

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