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ANC 3F provides grants to local community organizations to support activities that improve the welfare of the residents of ANC 3F.  If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, please read the guidelines below and submit the Grant Application to ANC 3F or your SMD Commissioner. 

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ANC 3F grants generally range from $100 to $3,000.  The Commission may, at its discretion, consider granting a larger amount.  Disbursements may be made in installments, at the discretion of the Commission.

Grants are usually made on a one-time only basis.  The Commission may consider making a second grant to an organization, generally after two years have elapsed from the date of the initial grant. Projects and programs for which a grant funding is requested should also have other sources of funding; ANC 3F should not be the sole source of funding.

When an applicant is seeking grant funds from more than one ANC, ANC 3F will not make a grant in excess of what is provided by the other ANC(s) unless the grant applicant can prove that the residents of ANC 3F will benefit more than the residents of the other ANC(s).

Who May Apply

ANC 3F only awards grants to non-profit organizations, not to “for-profit” organizations, private enterprises, or third party pass-through organizations. The organization receiving the grant must be “public in nature” and benefit persons who reside or work within the ANC 3F area.

Grants may not be made to a District agency or program funded by the District Government.


Prohibited Uses

Grants from ANC 3F may not be used for partisan political activity, litigation, food or entertainment expenses, or to support festivals.

Grants from ANC 3F may not be used to pay for salaries or the operational expenses of an organization.



Within sixty (60) days of receiving the grant, the recipient must forward to ANC 3F a statement as to the use of funds consistent with the grant application, complete with receipts supporting all expenditures. Should the grant not be fully expended within sixty days, the recipient shall provide ANC 3F with a progress report every thirty days on the status of the project until the funds are spent in full or the funded project is complete.  All expenditures must be consistent with the grant approved by the Commission.

Recipients of ANC 3F grants shall provide the Commission with an end-of-project/program report, which need not be lengthy, but should adequately summarize the uses, results, and benefits gained from the Commission’s grant. While not required, ANC 3F would welcome photos, copies of letters, etc. from those benefiting from the grant.

In the event that the full amount of the grant is not spent on an approved project, all unexpended funds must be returned to ANC 3F.

Application Process

Download the Grant Application here. Grant requests must be made in writing and signed by an authorized representative or agent of the requesting organization.  The application must be complete and meet all applicable criteria at the time the application is heard; ANC 3F will not make conditional grants.

*Effective January 1, 2017, ANC3F will consider grants twice per year, in March (for approval in April) and in September (for approval in October).  Grant applications must be submitted to the commission, to,  on or before the date of the March/September ANC meeting. It is recommended that they be submitted at least a week before the due date to allow time for corrections/modifications.


Upon receipt of an application that meets the basic eligibility criteria, ANC 3F will invite a representative of the requesting organization to present the request and answer questions at a regularly scheduled meeting of ANC 3F. The application will then be referred to the ANC 3F Grant Committee for detailed review.  (The Commission will not vote on a grant application during the same meeting at which it is initially presented.)

The ANC 3F Grants Committee will, review the project, verify the applicant’s eligibility, ensure necessary paperwork is in order, and confirm that required receipts and follow-up reports will be provided.  The Committee will then make a recommendation to the full Commission, which will vote to approve or deny the grant at its next regularly scheduled public meeting.  The applicant may also be invited to attend that meeting to answer any remaining questions from the Commissioners.

The Grant Application Must Include:

  • a description of the organization requesting the grant, the nature of the services it provides to the residents of ANC 3F, and a brief statement identifying community support for the project or program;

  • a description of the proposed project for which the grant is requested;

  • a statement of expected public benefits, and benefits for individuals who live or work within ANC 3F;

  • the total cost of the proposed project, including detailed budgetary information (actual and projected) and information on all other sources of funding;

  • disclosure of any ANC commissioners directly or indirectly involved in the project or program;

  • identification of previous ANC 3F funding, if any; and

  • a timetable for the proposed project.

Note: ANC 3F grant guidelines by reference incorporate the D.C. Auditor instructions of January 2001, entitled “Statutory Guidelines for ANC Grant Awards” and “Procedural Requirements for Grant Awards” and “Excerpt of Section 15 of the Comprehensive Advisory Neighborhood Commission Amendment Act of 2000” appended to these guidelines. Click here for more info. 

Grant Documents


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